G-Rod Pro Crappie Rod 10'6" ML-2S
  • G-Rod Pro Crappie Rod 10'6" ML-2S

    10'6" Medium Light Spinning Rod


    Designed for dippin’ and riggin’, this is a pure delight for those anglers wanting versatility to fish with spinning or bait casting reels. It has superior sensitivity and backbone. Its power taper is built for hauling big slabs from heavy cover. We recommend it for spider rigging and slip cork fishing when you need that extra length for long distance hookset.

    Material: Graphene/Toray carbon fiber proprietary blend (entire rod)
    Additional Material: High quality 1K Toray carbon fiber reinforcement (bottom section)
    Reel Seat: DPS Pipe Styled
    EVA: Comfort Touch Non-Slip
    Guides: Titanium SIC & tangle free tip-top


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