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Jenko Big T X- Series 13' Jigging Rod
  • Jenko Big T X- Series 13' Jigging Rod

    The most advanced crappie rods ever brought to market, the Jenko X-Series finally puts technology previously reserved for high end bass rods into the hands of crappie fishermen!  

    We have gone to great lengths to shave weight on this rod at every opportunity from the ultra lightweight minimalist carbon fiber grip, to the lightweight premium ALPS guide system by Batson.  Even the carbon fiber nut on the reel seat was designed with light weight in mind. 7.5 ounces for the 13 foot model!

    When using a longer jigging rod, the biggest complaint is about how tip-heavy the rod feels, and we've got just the solution!  The X-Series Jigging Rods come with an integrated weight balance system in the butt of the rod!  Simply swa