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Big T Duralight Crappie Net
  • Big T Duralight Crappie Net

    The Big T Duralight Crappie net is the lightest weight net available weighing as low as 1 pound and having a 6 pound capacity while reaching 12 feet. The strength of the handle is found in its Carbon construction. The net features a 3 piece handle with twist locking sections so that your net is fully adjustable. The net is 16"x20".  Rubber Mesh - this is the lightest weight rubber mesh net on the market at just 19oz total weight. This is a great option for treble hooks or those that just don't want to risk getting hung in the net. It is 12" deep and 16"x20" ***NOTE- head and handle ship in separate boxes, and often arrive a day apart

    • This item ships in 2 separate packages.

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